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The Remarkable 100 Trick Magic Show Set

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Ideal 100-Trick Spectacular Magic Show Set

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Ideal Spectacular 100-Trick Magic Performance is the ultimate set for the aspiring magician.

Filled with numerous easy-to-learn tricks and premium quality props.

This particular package will train kids to perform the exact same tricks as qualified illusionists for example, the vanishing card box, wandering handkerchief, proliferating rabbits, dematerializing salt, cup and balls, miracle paint can and much, much more.

The collection provides a magic wand, three purple cups, two crystal clear cups, four furry balls, paint tin can, two blue cylinders, two bottles, silly coin lid, six multiplying bunnies, thumb pointer, vanishing card box with deck, double sided tape, green sheet, magenta ring, purplish ring with blue-green bottom, rabbit token, spray paint can and bottle labels, “Secrets of ONE HUNDRED Magic Tricks” handbook and training DVD starring magician Ryan Oakes who performs and instructs some of the popular tricks included in this particular bundle. Recommended for children 7 years of age and older



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